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Ultimate Warcraft3 (UWC3) is an Amx Mod X plugin for Counter-Strike derived from the popular Warcraft3 Frozen Throne plugin created for CS by PimpDaddy (Warcraft3 FT itself is a derivation from SpaceDude's original Warcraft3 CS plugin). UWC3 inherits the skills created for the original Warcraft3 and the Warcraft3 FT plugins, but this is where the similarities end.

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If you are dead set on playing your favorite Warcraft3 race (human, undead, orc or night elf) then Ultimate Warcraft3 may disappoint you as UWC3 is a raceless implementation of the game. Instead, UWC3 opens up the skills and abilities of all of the Warcraft3 races for the CS player to choose from. Some restrictions exist which may prevent you from choosing multiple skills of the same type, but in the broader sense you can pretty much train and use the majority of Warcraft3FT skills.

Many of the original skills from War3 and War3FT are available in UWC3 in 3, 5 or 10 trainable skill levels. Players gain experience through normal CS gameplay as well as some new ways to earn XP through the use of skills, there are 34 levels for players to advance through which are categorized in UWC3 by rank. When a new player starts with 0 XP they begin with rank 'Orc Fodder' and progress their way to the final rank of 'Warchief'. At the moment rank is merely a symbol of a player's level but in time additional skills and abilities may open up for specific ranks.


I have added UWC3 Forums to the site so those of you wanting to keep up and help UWC3 progress may include your voice. A complete listing of skills/abilities/ultimates is now available.


UWC3 now provides an independent and vital line of experience gain called Enhancement Experience, or E-XP. E-XP can be used to purchase enhancements to your overall character's abilities through Attributes and build a defense system through Resistances. More information is available on our enhancements page.

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