UWC3 Beta Downloads

(Update: 8/9/2007) It looks like the project to continue UWC3 development over at wc3mods has died. As a result I have restored this download page which contains links to all of the final UWC3 versions created by K2mia. These versions were finalized before the wc3mods projects began and should be considered stable.

Amx Mod X v0.16 Users - [download uwc3-amxx16-v0.1.7c.zip]
This UWC3 version is for those of you not yet ready to upgrade your servers to the new 0.20. Keep in mind the following important points: 1) Only vault long term storage is available (no Mysql support) and 2) This version is no longer being updated, with the possible exception to some easily fixable bugs.

Amx Mod X v0.20 Users - [download uwc3-amxx20-v1.0.0RC6j.zip]
This UWC3 version is the most stable and latest release version, though still in the beta stages. Vault and DBI (SQL) storage is available as well as some other features not found in the amxx 0.16 version and some bug fixes. Check back often as this version is updated very regularly with new features and bug fixes.

UWC3 Source Code - [download]
This is the official release of the UWC3 source code. You are free to use it and/or modify it to your needs, you may even submit your modified versions to have them made available via the official uwc3.com website. We ask that you keep intact all existing credits within the sourcecode and in game.

JGHG Enhancements to UWC3 - [download]
Johnny got his gun has provided some optimizations for UWC3 which should improve performance greatly. Data is saved every 10 rounds and SQL queries are cached to cut down on overhead which can contribute to server lag. Thank you JGHG for your enhancements! -K2