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Ultimate Warcraft3: Enhancements

UWC3 introduces a system of player enhancements to work along-side the existing War3 skills-based system. The UWC3 enhancement system is an optional addon which adds two new layers of character development to the mod.

When the enhancement system is running on a UWC3 server you will start gaining Enhancement Experience (E-XP) at a predesignated level. As you gain E-XP you will begin to gain Attribute points and Resistance pts which can spent building your character attributes and resistances to specific damage types. Spending your hard earned E-XP does not detract from your normal skills-based XP, the two systems are independant and you can spend your points as you see fit.

The following tables describe the various character Attributes and Resistances that are currently available.

Player Attributes


In UWC3 your strength attribute helps determine how much damage you can take in battle before being killed. Enhancing your strength will give you an increase in your base level of health.


Your intellect is an important attribute that can help your success with various magic-based skills. Different levels of intellect affect different skills as follows:

  • Intellect 11) Increased success with Impale attacks
  • Intellect 12) Increased money siphoned with Siphon Mana
  • Intellect 13) Increased success with Banish
  • Intellect 14) Increased success with Hex
  • Intellect 15) Increased success with Bash
  • Intellect 16) Improved damage with Trueshot attacks
  • Intellect 17) Adds 2 serpent wards to your arsenal and decreases refresh time for Teleport
  • Intellect 18) Enhances Big Bad Voodoo to last for 4 seconds
These bonuses are additive, so at levels 18 all of the bonuses are in effect.


Enhancing your Dexterity will give you an improved chance of using your Evasion skills to avoid taking weapons damage. Mastering Evasion and maximiizing your Dexterity can provide a noticable aid in combat.


Is speed your thing? Enhancing your Agility will provide an increase in your base level runspeed which stacks with Unholy Aura based increases. A master in Unholy Aura with maximum Agility will be a blur on your screen.


Your Constitution determines your body's ability to bounce back after taking damage. Enhancing your constitution will allow you to slowly heal when damage is inflicted. Constitution-based regeneration stacks with Healing Wave.


Poison Resistance

Enhancing your poison resistance will give your body an added chance of avoiding poison-based attacks, maximizing your poison resistance will mean never seeing your life slip away after a Shadow Strike.

Disease Resistance

Enhancing your disease resistance will give your body an added chance of avoiding disease-based attacks, such as Carrion Beetles and Locust Swarm. Maximizing your resistance to disease will allow you to never worry about these two attacks.

Electricity Resistance

Tired of being blasted by a lightning bolt from your enemies? Enhancing your resistance to electricity will add the ability for your body to absorb damage from Chain Lightning attacks.

Fire Resistance

Two of the more heinous ways to die in UWC3 are from flamethrower and napalm grenade attacks, which keep causing you burn damage until you drop dead. Enhancing your fire resistance provides two levels of protection, allowing a chance for you to avoid burn damage outright, or if you miss that chance providing a last-ditch chance for you to at least slow down the burning so you can seek help from a medic.

Magic Resistance

Your character's magic resistance can help protect against a variety of special magic-based attacks, many of these are covered by the Necklace of Immunity. Working to enhance your magical resistance may allow you to forego purchasing a Necklace leaving other items available for your first item slot.

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