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Ultimate Warcraft3: Skills

A complete listing of the UWC3 skills/abilities/ultimates follows with information about the minimum levels to train, any skill requirements, and descriptions.

Defensive/Beneficial Skills

These skills improve your ability to defend yourself against an enemy and/or provide buffs to your personal stats (health/armor/visibility)
Level 1Levitation Allows you to jump higher by reducing your gravity
Level 1Healing Wave Every x seconds you and your nearby teammates around you gain 2 HP
Level 1
Leather Skin Natural armor enhancement and regeneration
Level 2Devotion Aura Gives you added health at the start of the round.
Level 5Unholy Aura Gives you a speed boost, weapons will no longer affect your unholy speed
Level 11Blink Gives a chance to disable ALL enemy ultimates
Level 11
Steel Skin [Requires 1 level Vampiric Aura and 3 levels Leather Skin]
Upgrades your Leather Skin and allows Vampiric Aura to steal armor from your enemy
Level 13Invisibility Makes you partially invisible, you will be harder to see
Level 24Evasion Gives you a chance of evading incoming attacks

Mirror Damage

These skills cause harm to your enemies when their shots hit you.
Level 8Thorns Aura Your skin grows thorns causing mirror damage to the person who shot you.
Level 3Spiked Carapace Similar to Thorns aura with the bonus that your armor may also improve.


These skills increase your ability to deal damage or deal extra damage through your atacks.
Level 6Serpent Ward You receive (1 to 3) serpent wards each round that damage nearby enemies ( bind a key to wcward to plant one )
Level 11Shadow Strike You have a chance of hurling a poisoned dagger at the enemy (causes poison damage over time)
Level 9Critical Strike Gives you a chance of doing double the normal damage
Level 10Carrion Beetles You have a chance of sending carrion beetles towards the enemy causing extra damage (causes disease damage over time and slower movement)
Level 24Trueshot Aura Does a substantial amount of extra damage to the enemy
Level 12Critical Grenade HE Grenades will do a good deal of extra damage
Level 13
Napalm Grenades Each round your first he grenade will coat your enemies with napalm, anyone they touch will spread the napalm


These skills interfere with your enemy's ability to wage combat.
Level 1Impale Causes the ground the shake beneath your enemy, making it difficult to aim effectively.
Level 5Hex Gives a chance of morphing your enemy into a less than desirable form (whose movements become spasdic)
Level 6Bash When you shoot someone you have a chance of rendering them immobile for 1 second.
Level 7Banish You have a chance of slapping your enemy and propelling them in a random direction.

Miscellanous/Utility Skills

Skills not falling into the other categories are here, their natures vary.
Level 1Equipment Reincarnation Gives you a chance of regaining your equipment on death
Level 2Siphon Mana Steal a percentage of the enemy's money, this skill is invaluable for securing the funds needed to wage effective warfare.
Level 3Vampiric Aura Gives you a percentage of the damage you do in attack back as health. When used as a component for the Steel Skin skill, you will also have your armor strengthened from your attacks.

Team Aid

These skills aid your team.
Level 4
Repair Armor (Note: You may only repair armor for a teammate, the ability does not work on yourself. This skill earns you XP through the aid of your team.)
Each round you are able to repair armor for a teammate needing it.
Level 4
Mend Wounds (Note: You may only mend wounds for a teammate, the ability does not work on yourself. This skill earns you XP through the aid of your team.)
Each round you are able to heal some of the wounds for a teammate needing it. If you are trained in the 2nd skill level of Mend you are able to cure poison for your teammates. If you are trained in the 3rd skill level you can extinguish burning due to napalm grenades or flamethrowers.
Level 13Phoenix You have a chance of reviving the first teammate who dies
Level 19Fan of Knives Gives a chance of becoming a mole. Moles are disguised like the enemy and will spawn in the enemy camp allowing a chance at a surprise attack. Moles are also likely to be the first player killed in a round, so be on your guard.

Ultimate Abilties

These abilities vary in nature, some provide offensive bonus, others defensive or serve as utility skills. Players may train up to 3 ultimates.
Level 8Teleport Allows you to teleport to where you aim (avoid ceilings).
Level 9
Flash of Light This ultimate ablity temporarily blinds your enemy (the duration improves as you gain levels)
Level 12Big Bad Voodoo Provides invincibility for 2 seconds ( with exception to players wearing a Necklace of Immunity )
Level 12
Gate Opens a gateway to transport you back to your spawn point and hopefully away from danger
Level 14Locust Swarm A Swarm of Green Locusts attacks the enemy
Level 14
Decoy Spawns a fake of yourself where you aim your cursor
Level 15Chain Lightning Discharges a bolt of lightning that jumps to all nearby enemies
Level 15Vengeance Your first death each round will allow you to respawn with 50% health ( exception if you are the last living teammate you will not respawn )
Level 16Flame Strike Your weapon becomes a flame thrower (1 uses every 20 seconds)
Level 16Entangle Roots Allows you to prevent an enemy player from moving for 10 seconds
Level 17Suicide Bomber When you die you will explode killing nearby enemies

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