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Ultimate Warcraft3 Beginner Tutorial

Ultimate Warcraft3 is a plugin or addon for Counter-Strike which adds a whole new layer of complexity and gameplay to the standard first person shooter. UWC3 is derived from Pimp-Daddy's Warcraft3 Frozen Throne plugin, all of the skills and abilities from War3FT are available in UWC3 but where War3FT is a race-based game UWC3 is a freeform version without any races.

Earning Experience (XP)

When you enter a server running UWC3 you will not be presented with any menus, you may not even realize at first that the game is any different from your normal CS game. This soon changes as your performance in the game starts to earn you experience (XP), and whenever you are awarded any XP a chat message will appear informing you of how much XP you earned. You are awarded experience for the following actions:

Enhancement Experience (E-XP)

Some servers running UWC3 will be running an addon called Enhancements, which provide an independent flow of experience called enhancement experience or E-XP. E-XP can be used to purchase enhancements to your character Attributes and build a defense system using Resistances. You will be presented with a menu each time you have earned enough E-XP to purchase an Attribute enhancement or a Resistance point, you can see details about these attributes and resistances on our enhancements page. A brief version of that info is available in game, say /help for a menu which has this info.

Training Skills:

When you have earned enough XP you will hear an audible indicator and a message that you have raised a level. In addition the Skills selection menu will appear on your screen with the first page of skills, some of which are highlighted (the skills you are able to train at level 1) and the others are not. Any skills listed which are not yet trainable display the level needed for you to be able to train the skill. You can return to the skills selection at any time to examine all of the available skills by saying /selectskill. You can also examine the skills and their descriptions at skills.html.

Abilities and Ultimate Abilities:

Eventually as you rise higher in level you will come across skills which only have 1 trainable level. These are called Abilities and some of these abilities are known as Ultimate Abilities (there are some exceptions to this rule but generally speaking abilities have 1 trainable level). Where many skills are passive (meaning they work for you automatically) most abilities are not, you must issue a command to use them, each ability has a unique command. Commands can be typed into your console or bound to keys so one touch of a key can use the ability you have that key bound to, this is of course the preferred method. For an example, Flash of Light is an ultimate ability that will temporarily blind your enemy (similar to a flashbang) and its unique command is wcflash. To bind a key to this command you would go into your console (use the `~ key to access the console) and type: bind key wcflash. For example bind c wcflash. From that point on hitting the c key will cause Flash of Light to go into action. There are a limited number of keys available on your keyboard that are not already being used, so think carefully about the Ultimates and abilities you train and how you will be able to effeciently access them. Some Ultimate abilities are passive, such as Vengeance which will restore you to life one time in each round when you are killed, it is used for you automatically (you do not issue a command to use it). Another exception is the Suicide Bomber Ultimate which can be used passively or triggered with the wcsuicide command. In the skills selection menu any abilities or ultimates which have a command associated will display the name of the command in the skills menu alongside it.

Magic Items - Shopmenu and Shopmenu2:

What magic-based plugin would be complete without the opportunity to purchase and use magical items? Ultimate Warcraft3 inherits the shopmenu and shopmenu2 from Warcraft3FT, including all of the items available at the time that War3FT version 1.6.4 was released. You can see descriptions in game of these items by saying itemsinfo and itemsinfo2. The one item I will make note of here because of its importance is the Necklace of Immunity, which costs the player $800 to purchase (from shopmenu) and will protect the player from all Ultimate abilities and some other ones as well (such as napalm grenades and serpant wards). If you find yourself with $800 after buying your gear at the start of a round you should highly consider purchasing a Necklace.

In Conclusion:

Ultimate Warcraft3 provides a wide assortment of features that enhance CS gameplay and we hope that you find the plugin enjoyable. Please feel free to visit our forums and post suggestions, including suggestions for making this tutorial more useful for new players.

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